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A Guide to the Living Tree Orchid Essences

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A Guide to the Living Tree Orchid Essences

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African Tree Essences

The Wild Peach Kiggelaria africana: full information page


wild peach

The wild peach is an evergreen tree occurring over a wide range of habitats – from the Western Cape of South Africa to Kenya in northern Africa. Its growth habit varies accordingly – from a scrubby bush in arid areas to over 20 meters in high forest. Interestingly, the foliage of the wild peach is also very variable – and often one can be stumped to identify this tree for a minute or two – until you remember this particular quirk

  wild peach


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Wild Peach - Tree of Courage

£14.95 20ml

For integrity, fortitude and spiritual courage in the face of victimization, intimidation and oppression. For speaking your truth. For accessing the strength to be compassionate and the wisdom to be humble. Balances procrastination and indecision and encourages self-worth.

Balances: Lack of Concentration, Lack of Confidence, Indecision, Lack of Patience, Procrastination

wild peach with seeds

The wild peach’s delicate orange and green flowers are borne from Spring to Summer and these are followed by pale-green capsules containing black seeds covered with bright-orange, oily coats. The opened seed pods create decorative five-pointed star shapes. The seeds are relished by many bird species – indeed, this is a tree that all serious bird lovers ensure to plant in their garden. The leaves are eagerly eaten by the caterpillars of a number of butterfly species, and they in turn make a tasty meal for various birds such as the Klaas and emerald cuckoo. The larvae of the familiar orange and black winged butterfly rely solely on the wild peach for their diet. Since the leaves contain hydrocyanic acid, neither game nor livestock graze on them.

In the past, the pinkish wood was used for the spokes of wagon wheels. Today the wood is used for making rafters, floor boards and furniture. A pink dye is also produced from the wood.

Traditionally, the wild peach is believed to hold protective powers, and the South Sotho people make a potion from the tree to protect their kraals.

The wild peach is a hardy, drought tolerant tree that makes an excellent wind break. It is an extremely fast growing tree that casts dappled shade and it does not have an aggressive root system.

There are only a few specimens still growing within Platbos Forest and the surrounding areas, but amongst those that remain are a number of age-old and majestic characters.

wild peach with insect


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