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African Tree Essences

The Wild Olive Olea europaea sbsp africana: full information page


wild olive

A medium-sized, evergreen tree, the wild olive is found not only throughout Africa, but also in Arabia, India and China. It is found in diverse habitats from woodlands to rocky hilltops. The sweetly scented flowers are creamy-white and appear from Spring through to Summer. These are followed by the small fruit which are a deep purply-black when ripe. Indeed, it is mainly the smallness of the flower and fruit that separates this tree from the cultivated olive of commerce. It is however hardier of habit and for this reason used as a root stock for its commercial cousin.

  wild olive


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Wild Olive - Tree of Faith

£14.95 20ml

For times of need or despair when strength and protection are required. For the darkest hour before the dawn when faith and patience are needed.

Balances: Depression, Despair, Hopelessness, Lack of Patience, Sorrow

wild olive

The fruits of the wild olive are enjoyed by a host of birds, baboons, bushpigs, warthogs and vervet monkeys. Its foliage makes it a very valuable fodder tree in arid areas. The dark juice of the fruit has been used to make ink and the beautiful wood is greatly valued for carving, cabinet work and furniture. Described as “steel like”, the wood is very hard, durable and termite-and borer-resistant – popular then as fence poles that are said to last for hundreds of years.

Since the wild olive commonly grows on calciferous soils, they act as indicators for this subsoil type. The leaves can be used as a substitute for tea. Medicinally this is a very valuable tree. It is used to boost the immune system, lower blood pressure, combat viral, fungal and bacterial infections and improve circulation and brain function. The leaves are used – either dried or made into a tincture.

With its neat form and hardy habit, the wild olive is a popular bonsai and landscape tree – excellent as a wind break as well as specimen tree. At Platbos there are one or two ancient wild olives that we estimate to be close to one thousand years of age. Wild Olives are protected in South Africa.

wild olive with berries wild olive


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