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Wild Earth Animal Essences

wild earth animal essences

Gentle Remedies For Support and Transformation

Since 1996, Wild Earth Animal Essences have been helping people around the world deepen their connection with themselves and their world. These vibrational essences are natural, energetic remedies that are made during a ceremonial process in the Virginia wilderness of the USA. This ceremonial process includes attuning with and invoking the spirit of the animal involved. The resulting liquid contains the vibrational imprint and energy of the animal but does not contain any animal parts.

No animals are captured or harmed in the development of these remedies.

IFER have been carrying the Wild Earth Animal Essences since the spring of 1998, and are proud to say we helped this very fine range reach the market over here in both the UK and Europe. While the making of flower essences is something one can fairly readily teach, the work of the maker of these essences is more or less unique. Daniel Mapel uses his deep sensitivity to the devic realm of animals to bring these essences into being. Perhaps others are able to do something similar; but we have not come across anyone who is capable of making animal essences in this way, with such a clear, clean high quality of essence resulting. His intentions and approach are impeccable, as are his essences. We highly recommend them.


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