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A Guide to the Living Tree Orchid Essences

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Living Tree Orchid Essences

Test Kit

We have had a number of requests by kinesiologists over the past few years for a Test Kit for the Living Tree Orchid Essences. While most test kits are produced in small clear glass vials, we have chosen to use the smallest available (5ml) dark violet glass bottle from the Miron Glass company. Our experience with the Miron glass is that it helps preserve the energy of the essences far better than ordinary blue glass bottles, let alone clear glass. These Test Kits should be good for many years, whereas if we used the clear glass vials our concern was that the energy of the essences could begin to dissipate within a few years.

The bottles in this Test Kit each contain a full 5ml of the given essence, at stock strength. A plastic pouring insert is in the neck of each bottle, of the sort that are typically used in bottles containing essential oils. This is instead of the more usual dropper top. This is done for two reasons: (A) these kist are primarily intended for muscle-testing, and the hard black top is more suited for this; and (B) this approach saves some space, making the boxes more compact for travel. Nevertheless the therapist can easily administer a few drops to a client if they feel the need, with the bottles prepared with these inserts.

The wooden box is made specially for these bottles, and we are delighted with the overall result. We hope you will be too!

The purple wooden box contains the 37 Combination Essences of the Living Tree Orchid Essences. The plain wooden box contains the 90 Individual Essences of the range. The test kits may be bought as a full set, or separately.

Click image to see the kit life-size.

kinesiology test kit kinesiology test kit - single essences kinesiology test kit - combination essences

Test Kit

Retail Price: £900 incl. VAT

Therapist's Price £576 (incl. VAT) which is a 36% discount off the Retail Price.

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For people unfamiliar with the concept of a Test Kit, the bottles contain simply a small sample of each essence, and the bottles are normally never opened nor is the small sample of essence ever "used". The sole intended purpose of the Test Kit is for muscle-testing or dowsing. Kinesiologists use these sorts of test kits to test hundreds of different products for a client in an efficient manner. As such, the Test Kit is in no manner a substitute for the Full Kit of the 15 ml essences, which are intended to be used in the normal manner of essences (either taken orally, or applied topically, or otherwise "used").